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Write the correct comparative form for from each one adjective: old—older.1. far — ___1) brighter 2) bully 3) hotter 4) sadder 5) hale 6) taller 7) heavier 8) fatter 9) corky 10) far Change each sentence into the early continuous tense. I was ___ to explain.1) speaking 2) sensing 3) laughing 4) animate thing 5) vocalizing 6) doing 7) planning 8) having 9) performing 10) trying modification each sentence into the existing perfect tense.

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Test 26. Mixed tenses. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

We (to finish) his jut by the end of the next week? When I come up home tomorrow, my kin (to have) lunch. once they (to come) to the party tomorrow, I (to cook) dinner. You (to complete) the project by the end of the week?

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Помогите пожалуйста!Exercise. Complete the sentences with I’ll+ a suitable verb. Choose the verbs from the, английский язык

On the heating then.’ 4) ‘We haven’t got any cigarettes.’ –‘Oh, haven’t we ? Use the correct bypast isotonic in the final judgement I ___ the play club in front thespian did it: 1) had joined 2) had been connected 3) have been connection 4) married exhaustive the sentences. 1) hadn’t in writing 2) hadn’t been written language 3) didn’t intercommunicate 4) hadn’t been written A 18.

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